Who is New Lion?

New Lion is a startup first Development, Design, and Product Management consulting firm who views the rate of startup failure as needlessly high and a solvable problem. Our team of 17 is on a mission to help idea stage products launch and succeed. We’re looking for a few more smart and creative people who love helping founders and products on their journey from napkin sketch to scale.

Our Mission

The failure rate of startups is needlessly high. We are on a mission to increase startup success.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe:

  • The best way to help a founder is to identify risks and guide them through validation.
  • Products should be designed to gather critical feedback before writing any code.
  • Making software that people want to use over and over again is incredibly difficult, but that this behavior can be designed.
  • The least expensive codebase is the one that is efficient to maintain and update.
  • Product Managers are the connection point for all activities and are essential for creating successful products.
  • Ideas become successful products by first building something that is minimal yet lovable.
  • Validation is continuous and is often over complicated or forgotten.
  • Quantitative and qualitative feedback is critical, especially at the idea stage. 
  • Design and Development can only succeed with strong Product Management.
  • Success is easiest when the market, channel, model, and product work in unison.

What We Do

Built on lean startup methodology we act as a bolt on startup team and help founders or key stakeholders with the following:

  • Product validation
  • Channel validation
  • Market validation
  • Business model validation
  • Product strategy
  • Product development
  • Design
  • Fundraising
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Product iterations
  • Product KPI management

New Lion’s Core Values

  • Leverage: Focus your resources on the things with the greatest multiplier effect.
  • Grit: Passion and perseverance.   
  • Focus: Understand priorities and apply all your energy to what is most important.
  • Humble Learner: Take a step back and question. Find the facts before taking action. Care more about solving the problem than your own pride.

Product Manager

Goal: Deliver an exceptional experience to our clients by focusing on what is best for their product.

Ownership: Identify and implement product strategy.

Major Role and Responsibilities:

    • Strategy
      • The Product Manager is responsible for working with the founder to clarifying product vision and strategy. Often times, we are working with non technical founders who understand the problem they want to solve and for, but need help defining how that problem should be solved.
      • Most people building a digital product for the first time want to create a product that is too big (does more than one thing). The Product Manager is responsible for gaining consensus on product focus and escalating product strategy risks.
    • Releases
      • Product Managers plan what internal teams will deliver and are responsible for defining the release process. Assisted by a Project Manager, the Product Manager oversees all of the activities required to bring the product to deployment. This involves bridging gaps between different functions within the company and aligning all of the teams involved. These teams are the founder(s), Design, Development, and Project Managers.
    • Ideation
      • Product Managers own the creative process of generating, developing, and curating new ideas. They gain consensus with the founder to determine which ideas should be promoted into features to push the product strategy forward — namely those that will achieve key objectives for the product line and business.
      • To this end, they also ensure that feedback and requests are seamlessly integrated into their product planning, Design, and Development processes. Product Managers then communicate the status back to founders.
    • Features
      • The founder and Product Manager prioritizes features by ranking them against the strategic goals and initiatives. This requires making difficult trade-off decisions based on the value that a feature will deliver to customers and to the business. At times, founders are explicitly trusting a Product Manager to make product decisions.
      • The Product Manager is also responsible for defining the requirements for each feature and the desired user experience. Product managers work closely with engineering and design on the specifications and ensure that teams have all of the information they need to deliver a complete product to market.
    • Tying it all together
      • Product Managers work with Project Managers, Designers, Software Architects, and Software Engineers as the voice of the founder and the source for product knowledge. They own product success and champion it internally.
      • Product Managers clearly articulate the business value to our internal product team so they understand the intent behind the new product or product release. They own the roadmap and must prioritize building what matters most to achieve the strategic goals and initiatives behind the product.

Experience + Role Requirements

We judge applicants on proof rather than on a gut feel. An ideal candidate has specific personal and experiential characteristics.    

Personal Characteristics

  • Empathy
  • Intelligence
  • Humility
  • Self starter  
  • Manage multiple projects well
  • Exceptional communication  
  • Strategic product thinking
  • Cares more about solving the problem than the product

Experience Characteristics

  • Startup  
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Product development
  • Product iterations
  • Product failures and successes
  • Wide swath of experiences:
    • Technical
    • Business
    • Marketing/sales
    • Management and communication
    • Budget constraints
    • Time constraints
    • Product strategy
    • Design

If you are interested in joining the New Lion team, please contact: connect@newlionlabs.com